In-Depth Look at Heroes of Skyrim
Paul Dennen
June 23, 2017

Welcome, travelers, to the Throat of the World. As civil war wages and a newly resurfaced threat descends from the skies, we are pleased to introduce our first expansion set, Heroes of Skyrim, which features 154 new cards. Whether you choose to rebel alongside the Stormcloaks, unleash your Beast Form with the Companions, disappear into the libraries of the College of Winterhold, traverse the land learning powerful Shouts, or take advantage of the mayhem to find yourself some easy marks, we hope you will enjoy your time here being bathed in Dragon flames.

TESL Skyrim DragonsFury EN


TESL Skyrim MysticDragon EN

Skyrim is overrun with Dragons. They infest the countryside and their shadows make the sun a rare sight. Their numbers and diversity are unparalleled in Skyrim. The overarching theme of Dragons: sheer epicness. Dragons vary in attributes, rarities and abilities, but they are all large and majestic.

Some citizens of Skyrim foresaw the Dragon’s arrival and looked to the skies for them. When you summon a Dragon to the playmat, their prediction is fulfilled, granting you a benefit. These Lookouts appear across all five attributes, which means you can build a powerful Dragon deck regardless of your favorite class.

TESL Skyrim WoodlandLookout EN


One would be wise to learn from the Dragons, for their Thu'um magic offers incomprehensible power - but only to those who can truly master it. Those who played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be familiar with the manner in which Shouts “level up” and grow stronger, something that carries over into Heroes of Skyrim.

Heroes of Skyrim contains five Shouts (one in each attribute), which are Actions that get stronger with each use. Shouts start each game at level 1, and after you play a Shout all of your copies of it upgrade to the next level (maxing out at level 3). As Shouts level up, their magicka costs stay the same but their effects get much more powerful. The first time you play a Shout it might have minor impact; the second time it will be quite strong; and the third time, well, your enemies had best beware.

TESL Skyrim CallOfValor EN

Some cards will help you make your Shouts even stronger without ever playing one, while some will make it easier to access the Shouts in your deck. You’re going to want to fully learn Shouts to get the most out of them, and to do that you might be interested in some mentoring in the Way of the Voice:

TESL Skyrim GreybeardMentor EN

Beast Form

Not everything in Skyrim is as it may first appear. Beast Form is a new mechanic appearing on Companions that causes them to change into Werewolves when you break an enemy rune. You’ll find that Werewolves grow in size, making this transformation well worth dealing with all the extra hair. Think you’re ready to join the Circle?

TESL Skyrim CircleInitiate EN

Explore Away!

Skyrim is a vast land with so much to see and do. We wouldn’t want to spoil all of the possible adventures here, but no whirlwind tour would be complete without:

Investigating our distinctive architecture,

TESL Skyrim PalaceProwler EN

experiencing the vibrant nightlife,

TESL Skyrim Lute EN

catching unrivaled views,

TESL Skyrim WorldEatersEyrie EN

and savoring the finest cuisine.

TESL Skyrim GrislyGourmet EN

Just make sure not to become a meal yourself,

TESL Skyrim MidnightSnack EN

and try not to take on too much at once.

TESL Skyrim EncumberedExplorer EN

Heroes of Skyrim card packs will be available across all platforms on June 29, and you can learn more about the expansion set in our announcement post.

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