Game Update 1.65.1: Patch Notes
Evan Berman
July 6, 2017

Our first game update since last week’s Heroes of Skyrim expansion set launch features fixes for many community-reported gameplay bugs.


Bug Fixes

  • The quest Welcome to Skyrim now progresses and completes as intended (you will need to complete it one final time before it's replaced by another quest).
  • Silencing a card a second time can no longer be used to return abilities to that card.
  • Creatures that had their keyword(s) stolen and are then silenced are now able to gain the stolen keyword(s) back.
  • Cards that check newly-played creature stats now take static buff abilities into account.
  • Serpentine Stalker now works correctly when a creature with Guard is in the other lane.
  • Thief of Dreams will no longer occasionally show two copies of the same card.
  • Sanctuary Pet now has a summon prompt and its ability can be canceled.
  • Leafwater Blessing can no longer return itself by triggering a Swindler’s Market with a 0-cost copy of it.
    • As it was not immediately communicated whether the Leafwater Blessing interaction was intended, players will be able to Soul Trap versions of Leafwater Blessing and Thieves Guild Fence that were Soul Summoned for their full value in the next game update after this one (not during 1.65.1).
  • Whirling Duelist now correctly applies keywords to damage.
  • Shadowmaster's summon ability can now be cancelled and it can no longer target a creature already affected by Shadowmaster's summon ability.
  • Winterhold Illusionist’s summon ability now has creature return timing that’s consistent with the ability text.
  • Bringer of Nightmares no longer creates a copy of the transformed creature in the owner’s discard pile.
  • Midnight Snack’s dragon cost reduction Last Gasp ability is now reverted when the affected dragon leaves the playmat (such as by entering the discard pile).
  • Night Talon Lord’s stolen creatures with Beast Form abilities no longer activate those abilities if Night Talon Lord breaks a rune.
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