Game Update 1.65: Patch Notes - Heroes of Skyrim
Dire Wolf Digital
June 26, 2017

Heroes of Skyrim

Welcome, travelers, to the Throat of the World.

As civil war wages and a newly resurfaced threat descends from the skies, we are pleased to introduce our first expansion set, Heroes of Skyrim, featuring 154 new cards. Whether you choose to rebel alongside the Stormcloaks, unleash your Beast Form with the Companions, disappear into the libraries of the College of Winterhold, traverse the land learning powerful Shouts, or take advantage of the mayhem to find yourself some easy marks, we hope you will enjoy your time here being bathed in Dragon flames when the Heroes of Skyrim expansion set launches on June 29.

New Main Landing Screen

Your portal into The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been updated. The Store button is replaced with a large easy-to-find tile and Practice games are now accessed through the Play tile along with Versus Battle games.

Heroes of Skyrim Packs

Skyrim is our first expansion set with cards in their own packs. All the bundles you're familiar with from the Core set are also available for Skyrim. The Pack Purchase Screen has added a pull-down menu at the top so you can select the set you want.

Multi-Set Bundles

The Pack Purchase Screen also offers Multi-Set Bundles, which feature a combination of both Core set packs and Heroes of Skyrim set packs.

  • 15 Core + Heroes of Skyrim Combo Bundle = 10 Heroes of Skyrim Packs + 5 Core Packs + 1 Bonus Legendary
  • 60 Core + Heroes of Skyrim Combo Bundle = 40 Heroes of Skyrim Packs + 20 Core Packs + 1 Bonus Legendary + 2 Bonus Premium Legendaries

Starter Skyrim Pack

You’ll find a great deal in this one-time Special Offer that includes 10 Heroes of Skyrim Packs, an exclusive “The Dovahkiin” title, and a Bonus Legendary Card.

Arena Updates

Heroes of Skyrim cards have been added to the draft picks in Arena modes and they will appear at an increased frequency for a limited time.

Arena rewards are now a mix of Core and Heroes of Skyrim packs (at least one Heroes of Skyrim pack guaranteed). Once you reach level 50, your three-win rewards in Versus games (Casual and Ranked) will be from Heroes of Skyrim packs.

Arena ranks are being reset with the introduction of the Heroes of Skyrim set, applicable to all three modes of Solo Arena, Versus Arena, and Chaos Arena.

  • Rank 1: Lowered by 3 ranks.
  • Ranks 2-4: Lowered by 2 ranks.
  • Ranks 5-6: Lowered by 1 rank.


Over a dozen new Daily Quests have been added for the Skyrim release, including goals for the Companions and the College of Winterhold. Some of these quests provide a pack of Heroes of Skyrim cards as rewards, the first time that our Daily Quest rewards have included packs.


Over a dozen new titles have been added to The Elder Scrolls: Legends with the release of Heroes of Skyrim. Here are some fun facts about these new delights for all you title chasers out there.

  • You may already have some of these! We've added a few new titles that are based on previous Titles you might have previously earned.
  • "The Centurion" counts your victories with all-neutral decks but not previous wins. Your tally starts now. Rev up those Dwemer!
  • "The Dragonborn" includes one component you may already have earned: "The Dragonslayer". If not, there are lots more dragons in Skyrim!
  • "The Master of Dragons" won't be earned if you have previously summoned 20 Dragons in one game (which would be an amazing feat). It starts counting now.

Card Changes

Several cards have had their targeting requirements changed from “an enemy creature” to “a creature”. These naturally flow from our recent change to make more abilities cancelable.

We took the opportunity to reduce unnecessary words and offer players a little extra gameplay flexibility and creative opportunity.

Note that these abilities are cancelable if desired, a change in how these cards play.

  • Belligerent Giant ("an enemy support" does not change)
  • Ash Servant
  • Shocking Wamasu
  • Spiteful Dremora
  • Murkwater Witch
  • Leaflurker

Bug Fixes

  • Audio
    • Crushing Blow's sound effect no longer plays twice when used. Once is crushing enough.
    • When the player logs back into a match after being disconnected, creatures no longer lose summoning and targeting voiceovers.
  • Campaign
    • The tooltips for Soul Trap and Soul Summon no longer display in an off-center position.
    • Interrupting the “open pack” tutorial by viewing a friend's profile no longer prevents players from completing the Deckbuilder tutorial. Go ahead and socialize while we're teaching you how to play, it's cool.
    • In Temple of Akatosh (The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood), the Priest of the Hour will now play Imperial Reinforcements.
  • Cards
    • Chanter of Akatosh's ability now functions correctly when the opposite lane is full and Chanter of Akatosh is destroyed by an action.
    • Night Talon Lord’s Slay ability now triggers even if it dies at the same time.
    • Transforming a shackled creature will no longer cause the new creature to also be shackled. Be free, new creature!
    • Creatures destroyed by Dawn's Wrath now display in the Play History.
    • Soulrest Marshal now uses the succeed-or-fail visual effect when played.
    • Riverhold Escort now moves lanes when it Pilfers while using Unstoppable Rage.
    • The trigger icon on Gravesinger will no longer flash if the card brought back is destroyed before returning to the bottom of the deck.
    • Penitus Oculatus Agent’s summon ability can now be canceled.
  • Gameplay
    • If a creature attacks an enemy in the docks lane, triggering its Last Gasp effect, the enemy will now move to the water lane as expected.
    • Visual effects for Dark Rift now travel to the opponent and hit them.
    • Silencing cards benefiting from Thieves Den no longer causes them to receive double Pilfer on attack.
    • Creatures with a damaging Last Gasp ability now have keywords apply to their Last Gasp effect when triggered.
    • Golden Saint no longer produces a copy of itself from Balmora Spymaster's Last Gasp when the player has less health than the opponent.
  • Interface
    • Having a Challenge timeout or cancel while viewing the Credits will no longer briefly display a Challenge invite with debug text.
    • The Mad Prince and Starter Pack exclusive art cards now state where they are from like the Monthly/Madhouse Collection Cards.
    • The player now encounters the pop-up awarding them with cards after completing nodes that do not have a match.
    • Inviters no longer wait indefinitely for a response when the invited player accepts a friend challenge while searching for Casual or Ranked matches.
    • The REWARDS MENU TEXT no longer occasionally displays in all capital letters.
    • Players can now click the side of the screen to get out of the information modal.
    • The player’s Ring of Magicka no longer displays with a red border.
    • The items given to Gardener of Swords no longer display twice in the Play History.
    • Items with no summon ability now display in the Play History when attached to a creature.
    • When Blighted Alit's trigger attacks the player, it will no longer appear briefly in the Play History, then disappear.
    • Unsummoning a silenced creature while hovering over the card will no longer display its keywords in green text for the duration of the match.
    • Scrolling through Act billboards quickly no longer causes an Act's billboard to appear twice in a row.
    • The quest giver portrait on the Versus Arena button no longer overlaps the Chaos Arena banner.
    • Title Select no longer displays while hovering on a friend’s title.
    • Support cards with triggered abilities no longer slide out of view after appearing in the Play History.
  • Localization
    • Eclipse Baroness’ summon and Last Gasp ability no longer translates to "reduce its cost to 2" in some languages.
    • Princess Barynia’s voiceover after the Dreughside mission is no longer missing in some languages.
    • In French, Child of Hircine's text description no longer says it may attack twice rather than attack again.
    • In French, the spacing of text for Thieves Den no longer results in a colon on a new line.
    • In French, the icon for New Deck no longer clips into text while in the Practice Mode screen.
    • In Russian, Daggers in the Dark no longer displays Steel Daggers stats in its description.
    • In Russian, Naarifin's Elite's name is no longer misspelled.
  • Quests
    • The quest Blood in the Hills now correctly tracks Cicero the Betrayer destroying friendly creatures.
    • The quest A Test of Magic now correctly tracks actions that deal lethal damage.
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