Game Update 1.64.1: Patch Notes
Evan Berman
May 25, 2017

We'd like to thank our players for their constructive feedback on game update 1.64 which helped us produce this follow-up build so quickly.

Card Changes

  • Relentless Raider:This card now reads “After an enemy rune is destroyed, deal 1 damage to your opponent”.
    • The timing of this card was changed from “When” to “After” to allow counterplay with rune breaks and prophecies.
    • Soul summoned versions of Relentless Raider can be soul trapped for their full value until June 8.
  • Alisanne Dupre: This card now reads “You have +1 max magicka for each enemy killed by your creatures on your turn during this game”.
    • This edit is for clarification only and does not change how the card plays.
  • Windy Lane: This lane condition now reads “At the start of your turn, a random creature switches lanes”.
    • This edit is for clarification only and does not change how the lane plays.

Bug Fixes


  • Gardener of Swords: This card again receives proper stat modifications for items played from the discard pile using Student of Arms or Master of Arms.
  • Gravesinger: Creatures that are resurrected by Gravesinger, destroyed, and resurrected by another effect in the same turn no longer return to the owner’s deck.
  • Flesh Sculpture: Using this effect multiple times in a game no longer creates a placeholder portrait for the user.
  • General Tullius: This card now properly triggers when a friendly creature is slain by Night Talon Lord.


  • Long loading time issues have been addressed.
  • Spectators no longer have confusing or redundant methods of exiting Spectator Mode.
  • Improved feedback when a player is kicked from Spectator Mode.
  • Non-English translations of the pre-match text for Abandoned Mine have been added.
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