Game Update 1.62.1: Patch Notes
Evan Berman
March 8, 2017

Your first live match awaits: The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now officially launched on PC! This game update also introduces an option to pre-order our first Story, The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, a new type of downloadable content featuring a standalone campaign and 40 new cards. We will be announcing these major milestones and more in full detail on the Legends website tomorrow but wanted to offer the very first look to our dedicated Beta players as Legends launches.

Rest assured, all progress and purchases made during Beta will carry over through launch. As always, be sure to share your feedback with us on the forums!

Click here for server status details related to this game update.

Game Changes

  • New Story: The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
    • The first Story, The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, is now available for pre-order. This new content will be released on April 5.


  • Loyal Housecarl is no longer awkwardly cropped with its head cut off.
  • Riften Pillager’s summon ability now updates after it is unsummoned.


  • Grammatical errors on the Thank You page after purchasing Arena Tickets and promotional packs are now corrected.
  • Credits can now be viewed.


  • Text field errors are no longer missing text prompts causing them to only display red Xs.
  • Password text field error Xs no longer overlap the requirement text.
  • If the device is locked during a chapter, advancing to the next chapter will no longer tell players that they will unlock Act 3 Rewards upon completion.

Known Issues

  • The Earth Bone title is erroneously being granted to new members. These erroneous titles will be removed.
  • All PC users will need to accept the EULA after which social features appear as unavailable. This can be resolved by restarting the game client.
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