Coaching & The Elder Scrolls: Legends What’s It Like Being a Legends Coach?
Matt Grandstaff
October 6, 2017

As recently announced, we’ve partnered with Gamer Sensei to bring coaching to the Elder Scrolls: Legends community. Coaching is an awesome way to learn the unique mechanics of the game such as deck building, master advanced strategies, prepare for tournaments – or even just hang out with your favorite Legends streamers.

But what’s it like being a coach for The Elder Scrolls: Legends? Today we have an interview with Sensei Romanesque, one of Gamer Sensei’s top Legends coaches and the voice of their weekly Legends video series. 

If you want to get coaching from Romanesque or any of Gamer Sensei’s other instructors, you can check them out here.

Now let’s dive in!

Greetings Sensei! Please introduce yourself!

Hey! I’m Roman, aka Romanesque, from Canada. I’m 23 years old and French-Canadian born. I’m currently finishing my Masters degree in Computer Science. I’m also currently working in a bioinformatics research lab! When I’m not studying or working, I spend my time streaming Legends on Twitch (typically I’m Top 50 Legend) on and coaching on Gamer Sensei.

Describe your coaching style! What do you do in a typical lesson?

My coaching style is related to my playstyle. Because I work with probabilistic models on a daily basis, I’m always trying to gather all the information I can. For example, as a player, I obviously need to know my cards and what’s on board, but there’s also things to discover through hand reads -- considering what’s likely to be in my opponent’s deck, what potential power turns both classes have, typical win conditions for each deck, and so on.

When I coach, I do my best to help the student become more aware of all that information. Usually we’ll play a couple games in which I explain my thought process and strategy for every play in depth. Then I’ll ask them to do the same, and we’ll discuss what’s going right and what’s wrong with their decisions each turn. In my opinion, teaching a student the right thought process is far more important than just showing them the right plays. The best way to improve your play in the long run is to find and use all the information available!

What's your proudest moment so far?

When I started streaming in early July, I acquired a few regulars early on. One of them was a brand new player who had just installed the game. I started working with this player directly, and only a few days thereafter they hit Legend rank! That’s really what told me that what I was doing was working, and that I was a good coach!

In terms of style, which archetype suits you best?

While I play a bit of everything, I’ve always been partial to the ‘’Control Mage’’ archetype. I love being reactive and playing for value, and I feel that Mage is a strong class in both those regards. Attrition is by far my favorite win condition, and I personally like that control decks offer lots of decisions. It feels a bit more like chess than some of the other archetypes! When I’m not on Control Mage, I also enjoy playing very aggressive decks to beat greedy lists. I like punishing people who aren’t being responsible in their deckbuilding... It feels like justice! 

As a new game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends meta is still far from solved. Have you found any cards that aren’t getting the respect they deserve?

I feel like Fire Storm is a very underestimated card at the moment. It fits perfectly in Control Mage and significantly improves its matchups against aggro. If you’re seeing lots of token decks, this card is essential and can easily fit into a standard list.

I also think Deepwood Trapper has been neglected, because people tend to undervalue one-drops in this game. But it gets insane value versus token decks, and at worst it blocks for one turn and Shackles for the next turn. This card is absolutely playable and could find a home in green decks of any archetype.

What’s one tip you’d give to The Elder Scrolls: Legends players?

Most players focus too much on the results of the games they play. Due to innate randomness, the outcome of any given game can be very misleading... especially when the Prophecy system is considered! For instance, just because your opponent hit a Prophecy doesn’t mean that your attack was incorrect. Before attacking, consider your lethal timer (the number of turns you need to kill your opponent) and how punished you will be if the opponent hits a Prophecy. This is what determines whether or not attacking is correct - not the outcome of the RNG roll resulting from this decision! It’s very important to focus on making decisions correctly, rather than obsessing over the results.

Also, always play valuable cards after hitting your opponent. Sometimes they can get a Prophecy that has low value because of poor targets. For example, if you have only one small minion and they get a Piercing Javelin from the Prophecy, the opponent is given the unappetizing choice of using it sub-optimally or casting it at its full cost!

What do you wish people knew about coaching?

It’s fun! Seriously, the number one thing people don’t understand about coaching is how enjoyable a lesson is. It’s different from playing the game regularly; simultaneously more relaxed and more engaged. It’s more relaxed because you don’t have the stress of making every decision alone – someone is there with you. But it’s more engaged because you’re thinking through every decision a lot more, and really going deep into the strategy of the game.

The other thing I wish people knew about coaching is that it’s not just for beginners! In fact, most of my students are very advanced players. Obviously coaching helps if you’re trying to learn the game, but I think it’s even more beneficial as you climb the ladder and even prepare for tournaments. There’s a reason pro teams have coaches! I love working with my advanced students; there’s a real back and forth as we struggle to optimize decisions or pick the perfect deck for the meta.

Thanks for joining us Romanesque!

Be sure to check me out on Gamer Sensei! And thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me and why I love The Elder Scrolls: Legends so much!