Game Update 67.1 Patch Notes
Dire Wolf Digitial
October 31, 2017


  • Twitch Drop messages will now appear in your Notification Tray.

Card Fixes

  • Soulrest Marshal - Hinting now functions properly on premium version.
  • Elusive Schemer - A 0-cost Elusive Schemer now copies correctly as another 0-cost.
  • Spear of Embers - Now properly applies keywords to damage done when thrown.
  • Brutal Ashlander - Now properly deals damage after potential targets are destroyed.
  • Eastmarch Crusader - Now properly hints when a single rune is destroyed.

General Bug Fixes

  • Spectator Mode – Spectators are now navigated properly if on Deckbuilder screen
  • Practice Mode - Adept and Expert levels now correctly unlock one at a time.
  • iPhone X - Several buttons have been moved to accommodate this device’s aspect ratio.
  • Versus Arena - Event descriptions now read correctly on phone and tablet clients.
  • Social - Do Not Disturb setting no longer prevents users from being removed or blocked.
  • Beast Form - A creature transformed with Wabbajack into a Beast Form creature can no longer attack on the same turn when their Beast Form ability triggers.
  • Phone - Users can now properly cancel the play of a non-targetable action card.
  • Error Codes - Information given to the user when an error occurs has been improved.
  • Play History - Now remembered after a reconnect.
  • Ranked - Users can now properly progress past the ranked progress screen by clicking on it.